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Referring Dentist Testimonials

We have been working with and referring patients to Devonshire House for 12 years. We have referred to all the various specialties within the practice as well as benefited from in house lectures and training at Devonshire House. The dentistry and management of my patients has been to the highest standard and has been extremely beneficial in helping to provide care for my patients. This has in turn enabled me to establish a relationship with the specialist so that I am able to benefit from advice and mentoring on cases even if they are not under direst care of Devonshire House.This partnership has further enhanced the standard of care and reputation in my own practice. The partners have always been extremely supportive and this was further highlighted during the closure of dental practices during the pandemic. I would not hesitate to recommend Devonshire House specialist care to any colleague.

Patrick, Cambridge

I have been referring my patients to Devonshire House for specialist treatment, and in particular to Julian Martin for many years now. Julian has always been very supportive in that he fine tunes his treatment plans to suit each patient’s exact needs and preferences, and is happy to share his expertise. The end results are invariably superb, and the patients I have referred to Julian have without exception been delighted with their treatment at Devonshire House.

John, Stamford

I always feel safe that I am referring my patients to such competent Specialists who care for them in the same way I do.

Kim, Saffron Walden

I just saw my patient this morning who was delighted with her new implant retained crowns, and was very proud to show them off. So thanks for doing a great job, especially as I know it was a challenging case!

Mark, Brampton

The GDP – Prosthodontist link is excellent with my ‘Go to implant referral practice’ Devonshire House. Everyone knows about their quality and whether you want advice, to share the treatment, or a full referral with whichever specialist you choose, my experience is that you will get a thorough, courteous, and professional response from the team every time.

Simon, Saffron Walden