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5 Steps to Choosing 5 star Dental Care

Whether you have just moved to the area, are looking to change dental practice, or are simply looking for a specific treatment, knowing where to start when choosing a private dental practice can seem daunting. Whatever your reason, here are five top tips help you choose the right dentist.

Most patients stay with the same dentist for many years, so choosing one that you can trust to care for you and your family is vital. Feeling relaxed, safe and confident in your care from the minute you step through the door is important, from a welcoming smile on arrival right through to expert dental care in the surgery; so, it’s worth doing some research before you register.

Convenient location

One of the first things to consider is the location of the dental practice. A convenient location is important so that you and your family can attend regularly and that the travel distance is acceptable if you ever require emergency treatment. You may wish to consider the location from your home or place of work and like at Devonshire House, check that the practice has good parking facilities and accessibility to make your arrival as easy as possible. It’s also a great time to check out opening hours, appointment availability and out of hours emergency care as all these considerations will help you limit your search. Above all, it’s vital to find out if the practice in question is currently welcoming new patients so you don’t waste your time with further research.

Reviews and recommendations

There’s nothing like first-hand experience, so if the dental practice has been recommended to you by a friend or family member, talking to them may be a good place to start. Checking out online reviews on the practice’s website, social media platforms and google listing is also another great way to gain a snapshot of the level of care and quality of treatment provided. Reviews can provide lots of valuable information such as patient satisfaction about a specific treatment and will include feedback from long standing patients as well as new ones.  Don’t forget to see how up to date the reviews are to ensure they reflect the most recent patients’ experiences as well as replies by the practice itself.

Whether you’re interested in finding out more about an individual dentist or an entire practice, the GDC and CQC websites are another good source of information. All dental professionals are registered with the GDC and as independent regulator for healthcare, the CQC provides an overview of a practice’s facilities alongside views of both patients and staff.

Experienced Specialist Dentists

If you’re looking for the best possible specialist private dental care, you may want to check that the practice you choose has Specialist Dentists in their team, especially if you are looking to undergo complex treatment. There is nothing like knowing you are in the best possible hands, and a dentist with a vast amount of clinical experience and specialist knowledge in their field will reassure you further especially if you are feeling anxious. Even better if the practice has multiple Specialists like at Devonshire House as they will be able to collaborate on your care if required and you won’t need to be referred elsewhere for additional treatment.

It’s quite common that dentists work at more than one practice but it’s worth bearing in mind that for some dentists their work in dentistry goes far beyond the surgery. Some of the more specialist and highly experienced dentists like those at Devonshire House, are leaders in their fields and work throughout the UK as Consultants, Professors Examiners and Mentors  

Range of Treatment

Before registering with a private practice, it’s a good idea to investigate the full range of dental treatments they can offer. For example, as well as routine check-ups with a dentist and hygienist you may be looking for more specialist treatments such as implants, teeth straightening, or even root canal and gum treatment. If this is the case, some practices like Devonshire House, have specialist dentists who are highly experienced in their own treatment areas and are used to treating more complex cases. A practice offering a one stop shop of dentistry means that you’re unlikely to be referred elsewhere for specialist treatment if you require it, and you can be confident that if your care requires the expertise of multiple specialists, your practice has the skills and equipment to carry out such treatment. A full range of equipment and support facilities is equally important. For example, a practice with their own scanning facilities should generally be able to provide a swift diagnosis without sending you elsewhere, and if the team includes a dental technician, broken teeth and dental appliances can be repaired quicker.


As more and more of us are turning to private dentistry, it is more important than ever to research prices and payment terms. Many practices offer a variety of finance and payment plans including interest free options, so you can spread out the cost of more expensive treatment and prioritise getting on with your treatment with the reassurance that you have the finance side covered. Some practices like Devonshire House may even have a dedicated finance team and Treatment Co-ordinators  at the end of the phone so that you can chat through a finance plan.

Devonshire House dental practice – the private dental practice you’ve been looking for

As a growing practice Devonshire House in Cambridge welcomes new private patients. Whether you are looking for general dental care or specialist dental treatment, our award-winning practice and expert specialist dentists provide a full range of dental care and treatment for the entire family.

  • Highly experienced Specialist dentists with a vast array of clinical experiences who are renowned leaders in their fields.
  • Full range of specialist treatment with every treatment under one roof so you don’t need to be referred elsewhere.
  • 24 Hour emergency service.
  • Beautiful and comfortable, relaxing surroundings with plenty of parking and great accessibility.
  • Interest free payment options with a dedicated finance team to chat through your requirements.
  • Treatment Co-ordinators to guide you through complex treatment and offer out of surgery support.
  • Full suite of on-site scanning facilities for a quick diagnosis.
  • On-site dental laboratory for emergency repairs.
  • Out of town second practice if you’re looking to avoid the Cambridge traffic.