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Getting to know “Denny the Dentist

This week we caught up with our new dentist Denny to find out more about him as a dentist, his passions outside dentistry plus his recent move to Cambridge. Read more

Busting the top 10 misconceptions about braces – the truths behind orthodontic treatment!

Widespread use of ‘train track’- orthodontic treatment has resulted in many of us having common misconceptions about braces. Misunderstandings about how they look and feel, to treatment length and the right age for braces can make us apprehensive if we are considering treatment.

Read our ‘myth busting’ article for the truth behind braces and orthodontic treatment. Read more

Top tips on how to choose 5 star private dental care

With more of us than ever looking to register with a private dental practice, it can be difficult to know where to start. Whether you have just moved to the area, are looking to change dental practice, or are simply looking for a specific treatment, knowing where to start when choosing a private dental practice can seem daunting. Whatever your reason, our five top tips on how to choose the right dentist may help you in your search. Read more