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Foundation Implant Year Course Testimonials

Dentist Delegates

The hands-on nature of the Devonshire House course is the main reason I enrolled, and I have not been disappointed. Clinically I have gained more experience than I could ever have hoped for. I have really felt safe and confident beginning my implant career at Devonshire House”.

Ravi, Northampton

A great day in sugery. Fantastic mentorship and support.

Mohammed, Flitwick

The course has been extremely beneficial. Excellent mentoring and practical skills which are easing me into implantology. Really good course, I would recommend it without reservation.

Kunal, London

I’m so pleased to have attended Devonshire House to update my implant placement skills. Its had a really beneficial effect on my day to day dentistry. With the mentor support system in place, I am now undertaking more complex procedures with confidence at my own practice.

Paul, Aldeburgh

An excellent, thoroughly well planned course, designed to give support and confidence.

Paul, Aldeburgh

Great guidance during implant placement.

Excellent start to the course, intense but very informative and I look forward to surgery in the near future.

Nurse Delegates

Devonshire House have provided an excellent training day. I have been on other implant training courses but found today’s course to be very informative in a relaxed environment. Everybody I spoke to today associated with Devonshire House was very approachable and informative. Excellent course venue and facilities. I will recommend this course to my dental friends.

I really enjoyed the whole day, learned a lot a about preparing for implants and feel ready to assist during the procedure. To top the day off, I had a great time placing implants on a model and suturing. I definitely recommend the course.

Hands-on training was excellent with great support. I really enjoyed nursing for my first implant.

It was very beneficial having the hands on with the surgical set up and also being able to place implants.

A very good course. The nurses conducting the training were very good and all demonstrations explained very well in the morning session. As a nurse, the hands on implant work was a good experience for me and helped give me a good feel of the work the dentists have to do.

I found the whole day very enjoyable and interesting, especially the interactive parts of the day. I enjoyed learning how to place the implants as this gives us an understanding of what the dentists will actually be doing. The staff at Devonshire House are all exceptionally friendly and approachable. Fabulous day.