Implant Treatments at Devonshire House

All dentists at Devonshire House are experienced in the placement of dental implants.

The technology and science involved in the development of reliable dental implants was first introduced to mainstream dental care in the 1970s following the revolutionary work of Professor P I Brånemark in Sweden. Brånemark implants have represented the benchmark system for dental tooth replacement and dental prosthesis support ever since.

Since Devonshire House introduced this treatment to the Cambridge area in 1988 the sophistication of implants available has continuously developed allowing us to help more patients with every type of dental problem. The success of our implant treatments is due to the availability of implant specialists in-house, the full range of implant treatments and specialist training. Our specialist dental technicians working in our on-site laboratory help us manage these complex treatments for our patients.

Devonshire House can provide the following implant treatments: 

  • Implant to replace a single tooth
    Replacement of individual teeth with a single tooth implant supported crown. This treatment can avoid using teeth adjacent to a gap to support bridges and can eliminate dentures. Sometimes a failing tooth can be replaced with a dental implant immediately avoiding you having to wear even a temporary bridge or denture.
  • Implants to replace multiple missing teeth
    Replacement of several adjacent teeth with an implant retained bridge. This treatment is used to replace a group of failing teeth or partial dentures with a fixed permanent solution.
  • A complete new sewt of teeth supported by implants
    Replacement of all the teeth in the upper or lower jaw. Implants can be placed into the jawbone and used to support a fixed bridge of a full row of teeth. This treatment can help patients who have concerns about their existing denture or who have just a few teeth remaining. The system has been developed and refined over the years and it now allows us to offer our patients “Smile in a Day”. Even patients who have been without teeth for most of their lives can still have new fixed teeth supported on four implants. The implants and a bridge are all fitted in one day.
  • Implants to support dentures
    Implant enhancement of dentures. Loose, full or partial dentures can be secured by a clip arrangement to a single implant or a small number of implants allowing the patient to regain their sense of security and confidence. This is a less sophisticated treatment than the full arch fixed rehabilitation but makes a huge difference in our patients’ experience of denture wearing.
  • Implants to support braces
    Implant Enhanced Orthodontics. Attaching implants to orthodontic braces has revolutionised the treatment possibilities for straightening teeth in adults. Using an implant as an anchor for a fixed brace has allowed patients with teeth that were previously difficult to treat to have their teeth moved into much better positions.