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Orthodontic Treatment Fees

Retainer box

In accordance with The British Orthodontic Society guidelines, a quotation for orthodontic treatment can only be provided following an initial consultation as the nature of treatment varies greatly according to each patient.

The British Orthodontic Society states: “Fees for private orthodontic treatment vary widely. The fee varies due to the complexity (difficulty) of the problem, the locality, and the experience of the orthodontist/dentist. Certain techniques such as aligner systems or lingual braces are also more expensive. Prospective patients should always ask for information from the orthodontist/dentist. A written quotation will be given to you but is normally only possible after the orthodontist/dentist has had a chance to assess your problem at a consultation”.

Your Treatment Plan

Your treatment plan will detail the cost of your individual treatment required and treatment timeline and outline when payment is required. Please note that if you decide not to proceed with treatment there is a £400 charge for your treatment plan.

What’s included

  • Braces, removable or fixed, as quoted in the plan (a 50% non refundable deposit is required for aligners or lingual braces (on the inside of teeth) at the time of ordering)
  • Adjustment and emergency visits
  • Laboratory work, unless discussed otherwise
  • An electric toothbrush, inter-dental brushes, travelling toothbrush, dental wax, disclosing tablets and fluoride mouth rinse
  • Retainers as advised in the treatment plan

What’s not included

Unless discussed otherwise, the following costs are not included:

  • Any treatment in addition to orthodontics, e.g. extractions, implants, bridgework or orthodontic surgery where required
  • Retainer reviews following brace removal (3 months, 8 months, yearly, 2 yearly)

Interest-free finance

At Devonshire House we offer interest-free finance options to help you spread the cost of your orthodontic treatment.