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Referring your first patient to Devonshire House for a CBCT Scan 

In accordance with guidance issued by the European Commission, we have adopted the latest best practice which requires dentists who refer patients for CBCT scanning to have a service level agreement in place with their chosen CBCT scanning referral centre.

Change to qualifications required to refer patients for scans

Following the publication of new dental guidance notes Autumn 2020, (see pages 61 & 62) the latest recommended ‘adequate training’ standard for dental practice staff referring for dental CBCT scans is to complete Level 1 (Core) training in dental CBCT.

We will continue to accept referrals as before with evidence of adequate scan referral training as the new gudiance notes state that completion of Level Core training in dental CBCT is only the latest recommended adequate training.

Therefore you can continue to refer to us for scans using your previous qualification with the choice of updating your training if you wish to refresh your knowledge.

(All of our Prosthodontists have completed Level 1 and 2 and continue to refer and report on scans).

Devonshire House Service Level Agreement

The service level agreement for our CBCT scanning service ensures compliance with best practice guidance. This necessary agreement will allow you to refer your patients for CBCT scans with appropriate justification. This simply requires you and your colleagues at your practice to:

  • confirm that you refer in accordance with published guidance criteria
  • confirm that you have fulfilled the standard education requirements in the use of ionising radiation and radiation protection and
  • provide certification to show that you have undertaken additional training for CBCT Referrers please read new certification requirements above in red

Please complete and return your agreement along with copies of your relevant CPD certificates as soon as practicable so that you can start to refer patients for scans. Please also complete and return a patient CBCT referral form outlining all of your requirements.

How to refer patients for scans if you are not certified

If you have no scan referral training or indeed don’t wish to become certified, our dentists are happy to refer your patients for scans on your behalf. In this instance, patients will be required to book a 15 minute appointment with one of our dentists, at an additional cost of £85, in order to be assessed for scan suitability.

How to refer when you are certified

Following receipt of your service level agreement and certificate to demonstrate you are qualified to refer patients for scans we will be able to accept your referrals.


Please outline all of your requirements and sign and return the form by email to our Dental Radiographer, Natasha Yeung scans@dh-dental.co.uk

Please note that incomplete forms may cause a delay in providing an appointment for your patient and that a dentist’s signature authorising the request is required.

Your patient will be asked to pay for their scan at their appointment unless you instruct us otherwise.

Receiving and Viewing Images:

The password protected images and viewing software will be sent to you using MailBigFile.com. A separate email containing the password will be sent to you from Natasha Yeung together with instructions on how to download and view the images.

Refer online

Online referrals are now available due to our online signature facility.