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Benefits Of Smile in a Day Over Traditional Treatments

What are the advantages of ‘Smile in a Day’ over dentures or a dental bridge?

  • Improved appearance: When you lose the entire tooth – crown and root – shrinkage of the jawbone may cause your face to look older. Dental implants can help to prevent this happening. A traditional denture or dental bridge doesn’t provide this benefit.
  • Improved function: With implant supported teeth you will be able to eat what you like and enjoy your food again, comfortably and confidently.
  • Permanent solution: The dental implant bridge is stable and comfortable. Unlike a denture it will cause no discomfort or embarrassment. No adjustment is needed after placement, normally an implant will serve you for life.

How will ‘Smile in a Day’ affect my life?

Dental implant-supported teeth look, feel and function like natural teeth. This means that you can eat and drink whatever you choose. It is beyond doubt that implant supported bridges improve quality of life. People who have felt embarrassed and worried because of their tooth problems are often overwhelmed by the improvements in how they look and feel with their new teeth. Many patients describe a new found confidence and increased self-esteem following completion of their treatment.

Will my new teeth look natural?

When dental implants are used in combination with modern restorative dentistry their appearance, comfort and function are very likely to exceed your expectations. Often they are hard to tell apart from your natural teeth.

Will I be able to chew with the same force and pressure I use with my natural teeth?

Following a brief adaptation period, chewing capacity is comparable to that of natural teeth.