Stain removal treatment for brighter teeth and a healthier mouth with Guided Biofilm Therapy

If you would you like a brighter smile, whether it be treatment for removable stains for a special occasion, or just simply to maintain or improve your oral health, try out our new Guided Biofilm Therapy. This gentle and effective cleaning treatment is now available in routine appointments with our Dental Hygienists .

Guided Biofilm Therapy brightens teeth by doing away with removable stains and discolouration which can be caused by drinking red wine, tea and coffee and also smoking and is a more gentle and thorough treatment. By using a mix of compressed air, body temperature water and fine powder granules,  stains and biofilm (bacteria in the mouth) can be effectively removed even on the most sensitive of teeth.

Suitable for adults and children, Guided Biofilm Therapy is used by all of our Dental Hygienists. It returns a natural smile and can be used on natural teeth, restorations and implants. It is the ideal cleaning method to access all those hard to reach areas and is great if you have braces or any other orthodontic appliances.

What are the benefits?

More effective and faster cleaning:

  • Excellent treatment for removable stains
  • Brighter teeth that look cleaner and feel smoother
  • Removes bacteria (biofilm) from the teeth, gums and tongue and highlights problem zones
  • The recommended maintenance program for patients with implants, gum disease, crowns, bridges, veneers or orthodontic appliances

Improved comfort during cleaning:

  • Gentle procedure even for those with sensitive teeth
  • Less abrasive than conventional hygiene treatment 
  • Powders are much finer than the heavy paste used in traditional polishing 

Great treatment, my teeth look and feel fantastic. In fact, I had several comments from friends the next day asking if I’d had my teeth whitened.

I had the new guided Biofilm treatment as part of my dental hygiene appointment yesterday. It felt like a very gentle jet wash of my teeth and has left them feeling amazingly clean and much brighter. Thank you 

Patients wishing to visit Devonshire House for hygiene appointments only

You don’t have to be registered with a Devonshire House dentist to book a hygiene appointment, you can refer yourself for hygiene treatment and do not require a hygiene prescription from a dentist. Please be aware that our hygienists can only advise and carry out treatment within their remit and that your appointment will not be a substitute for a dental examination with a general dentist. You will be required to complete medical health and consent forms prior to your appointment.

If you are referred by your dentist for hygiene treatments, a prescription from your dentist is required to ensure that our hygiene team can provide the right treatment for your individual needs.