Sports Mouthguards

Everyone involved in contact sporting activities is at risk of damaging their teeth and jaws. Wearing a properly adapted sports mouthguard will significantly improve your chances of protecting your teeth and jaw joints from serious injury.

Many schools are now insisting that their pupils wear a sports mouthguard for their organised school sports. A properly fitted guard is easy to get used to and doesn’t dig into your gums or cheeks and it should not affect either your breathing or speech.

Personalised Fit

Not only are Devonshire House sports mouthguards made to fit your mouth, but they also have a special feature allowing your lower teeth to bite comfortably. We are able to customise the fit of your sports mouthguard to allow for some growth of adult teeth and shedding of baby teeth during your sports season. All sports mouthguards are made in our own on-site dental laboratory.

Fit well, great colours. The most comfortable mouthguard ever!

Personalised Design

Choose from a wide range of patterns and colours or even co-ordinate your sports mouthguard with your school or team colours. Personalise it with your name and form or sports club and everyone will know exactly who it belongs to!

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