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Smile in a day fees and payment options

How much does ‘Smile in a Day’ cost?

The fee for each jaw is £17,000.  Very occasionally some additional procedures may be required to ensure the long-term health of your dental implants. To obtain a specific estimate of the cost, it is necessary to have a Devonshire House dentist examine your mouth. After a thorough diagnostic examination, we will recommend the treatment that is best for you.

In some instances, more than four implants are required to ensure that the bridge is adequately supported. This may be applicable if there is reduced bone height or width. If additional implants are required, there will be an additional fee of approximately £1,500 per implant.

A minimum payment of 50% is required on acceptance of your treatment plan.

The cost of your treatment

It is important to note that the fee per jaw covers everything to complete the treatment to the final bridge and includes:

  • All dental appointments relating to this treatment
  • Hygiene appointments during the treatment period
  • Mouthwashes and oral hygiene sundries that your specialist feels are necessary and appropriate to your needs on the day of surgery
  • A protective mouthguard to prevent tooth breakages

Appointments and additional costs after your treatment is finished

The success of your dental implant treatment in the long-term is very dependent on your maintaining a high standard of oral hygiene and continuing as a non-smoker if you have had a history of smoking in the past. Therefore, once your treatment has finished and the final bridge has been fitted, you will still need to visit Devonshire House for:

  • At least two oral hygiene visits per year
  • At least one review per year with your specialist
  • Tooth whitening, if required

These appointments will be charged at the standard rates and are not included in the initial treatment cost.

Your mouthguard will need to be replaced periodically due to wear and tear and will be charged at our standard rate.

In addition, the final bridge may need to have the teeth refurbished every three to seven years, depending on how hard you bite and the type of foods you consume. The replacement of a set of teeth costs approximately £1,750 per jaw and can be completed in two or three short appointments.

Smile in a Day payment options

As this treatment takes 6 months to complete, we are happy to consider spreading the cost of payments on an interest free basis. Please contact one of our Treatment Co-ordinators, who will gladly explain the fees and payment options to you.